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Why buy or rent a property listed on FSBO?

How many times have you heard a seller use the phrase: “I want X amount in my pocket.”

The reason for that is that the seller of a property has a preconceived idea of how much he would like to get from the sale of his property. Then all other amounts such as contract fees, agent commissions and other fictional charges must be added. The most expensive of the lot, of course being the agent’s commission.

Take a hint from the Seller’s page. Using the example used on that page, you will see that a seller who wants N$2,000,000 in his pocket will simply add the agent’s commission to the amount he wants. And you will end up paying for it.


By negotiating and buying directly from the seller, you as the buyer will have the potential to own your new property at a lesser amount.  But that is not the only benefit of using FSBO for your investigations into a new home, business space or other.  There are more:

The perpetual presence of a middle-man delays the whole process of striking a deal with your seller. FSBO avoids this by putting buyer and seller together – directly. FSBO is not, and will never be a middle-man.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  1. For some reason or another you and the agent you contacted, have a personality clash. Will all your calls be returned in a timely fashion?
  2. The agent took a dim view on how serious you are to investigate a certain property that is to your liking. Will your offer to purchase even be delivered to the seller?
  3. You are interested in a property and you have a question. You call the agent who is busy. You leave a message. The agent eventually gets the message and contacts the seller. The seller ponders the question for a little while and contacts the agent. The agent is on another line. The seller leaves a message. The agent gets the message. The agent contacts you. Now, based on the answer, you have another question. And the whole process repeats?

Doesn’t it seem silly to you?

Selecting a property listed on FSBO carries a number of benefits:

  1. You get to meet and negotiate directly with the seller. If you find common ground, you can sign your offer to purchase immediately.
  2. Questions that you may have gets answered directly by the seller.
  3. The information you get from the seller is accurate, not translated by an agent.
  4. Even with rentals, you get to meet the landlord and see if you will get along.
  5. Favoritism on the part of real estate agents has zero influence on you, achieving your goal of renting or owning your desired property.
  6. Everything - simply put - sees results much quicker.



Buyers and Future Tenants

Now that you have read how we work, why not take the time and browse through both the for sale listings as well as the rental listings. Chances are.... you might see something you like!

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