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Why use FSBO to find a new Tenant?

Tenants are traditionally people whose personal circumstances can change more often than those people who own property - a new job, a promotion, relationship status change, to name just a few.

It has now become the norm in Namibia for leasing/rental agents to charge a full month's rental for the service of bringing you a tenant who will rent your space. For this reason, most rental contracts are for one to two years on flats, townhouses and apartments. This creates quite a bit of tenant turnover.

Considering that there are only 12 months in any year, charging a full months rent for a bit of service seems a little absurd and unfair to the landlord. And let's assume you lease out a townhouse for N$12,000 per month... is it really worth it?

Furthermore, an agent does not really care what kind of person takes up the rental contract, as long as somebody does! Have you ever hear the term: "Tenant from Hell"?


Again, FSBO offers a simpler and far less expensive way

By making use of FSBO's strong marketing approach, you will:
1. Save a tremendous amount of money in agent commission. (Most rental properties are leased within three months from listing, exposing you to a likely maximum expenditure of N$660.00.)
2. Be approached directly by the interested tenants.
3. Select the tenants you would allow to visit the premises based on your criteria - family size, pets, habits, etc.
4. Be able to select the tenant that seems to be a good fit for your property.

All that you have to do, is to list your property for rental on the FSBO site. We will get the word out to the general public. You choose your tenant and conclude the lease agreement.

To this purpose, once you have listed your property for rental, we will send you an editable lease agreement, which you can adapt to your specific needs if you like (or just fill in the blanks) and enter into a signed agreement with your new tenant.

Yes, it is as simple as that!



Listing your Property for Rent

You must have calculated by now what you can save by making use of FSBO's services. If you are prepared to show the rental property to potential tenants yourself, in order to realize these savings, then go ahead.

List your Rental Property...

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Never use an agent again... ever

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