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About FSBO

FSBO started a number of years ago as an initiative of Neves Legal Practitioners, offering extensive marketing services to home owners who wanted to sell their properties, yet save on agent commissions.

A number of clients saw their properties effectively marketed and were met with success. However, as with any venture, we had both praise and criticism leveled against us. As much as we appreciated the thanks and praise we received, we listened to the criticism as well.

Even though appreciating that you cannot keep all the people happy all the time, we visited and revisited the drawing board many, many times, culminating in what you now see as the final result – an FSBO model that works for everybody – buyers, tenants, landlords and property owners alike. We hope you like it too.


The Concept

As much as we would like to take credit, the FSBO concept is not new at all. While we were putting the FSBO mechanism together for Namibians, we came to the realization that the concept of putting buyers and sellers in direct contact, has been well established overseas.

Especially in America, but also across Europe, the FSBO concept is gaining increasing traction with thousands of sellers who happily went the direct route, and saved themselves a stash of money in the process.


For some, but not for all

Admittedly, the FSBO model of securing a tenant or buyer for your property is not for everybody. Some people will still prefer and appreciate the convenience of making use of the services of an agent, and it will forever remain their right to do so.  To this point, there are some wonderful agents in the Namibian market space, who do a great job. Hats off to you guys and girls!

However, with the property market in Namibia under severe pressure, prices falling and the amount of new agents clamoring for business mushrooming, we have seen some unscrupulous behavior. With total disregard for the situation property owners find themselves in, some agents even remain as arrogant as to openly state that they will not even talk to you if you do not offer 5% commission up front.

This is not sustainable.


A new way of doing things became all the more important

The main purpose of a real estate agent is to connect those who are willing to sell with those who are willing and able to buy. We can call it the marketing factor.

FSBO does the same thing, only much, much better. And cheaper! Our marketing approach is not only unique in putting supply and demand in direct contact with each other, but to the best of our knowledge, our marketing capability far exceeds the reach and ability of any established real estate company in Namibia. Doesn’t that sound like the best of both worlds to you too?

An important factor – as both buyer and seller feel a sense of urgency once signatures have been put to paper, we have streamlined the conveyance process – effected by Neves Legal Practitioners – to be affordable, yet as fast as government red tape would allow.

We take pride in what we do, we take pride in the service we offer and moreover, we take pride in the clients we have been able to assist in the past. And we look forward to offer you a sterling experience too!

We humbly welcome you on board as well!

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