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Listing your property for purchase or rental:

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Some problems have been reported to us by clients making use of Chrome. We suggest you use Firefox in order to complete this form and submit it.

Important Information:

Please make sure to provide as much and as accurate information when creating your listing below. The better the quality of the information, the better your chances of quicker success. The information you provide will create a clear picture for the interested party, allowing him or her to make an informed decision before contacting you.

Interested parties will make contact with you directly. FSBO does not monitor correspondence or interactions nor will we play middle-man. All interactions between you and your potential buyer or tenant will be directly between you two. Interacting directly with your buyer or tenant will not only save you time, but will save you tremendous amounts in agent commissions.

Reach of your Listing:

Your listing will not only appear on the FSBO website, but on Facebook and Twitter as well. The FSBO website itself will see regular Facebook boosters in order to attract more visitors. In addition, we have an email marketing database (some 70,000 addresses) which we employ from time to time in order to promote current listings as well as our FSBO website. Our aim is to get word of your listing as far and as wide as possible.

Billing Information:

FSBO will only accept new listings for a minimum period of three months. Listings initiated into a calendar month will be billed proportionally for the first month (for example, if the listing was initated on the 15th of the month, the billing will reflect 50% for that month).

There are only two types of listings: Regular Listings cost N$180.00 per month, where Featured Listings cost N$220.00 per month.

Consider this cost versus what you would have paid in commissions to an agent!

FSBO billing runs via debit order facilities at Bank Windhoek. Debit orders will run continuously until such time as the listing is cancelled in the event that the property is sold or leased. It is the responsibility of the client to notify FSBO to cancel any given listing and to stop further debit orders. The cut-off date to cancel debit orders is the 25th of every month at 17h00.

Picture Quality:

Good quality pictures are as important to us as it is to you. Not only does it make our website look great and attract more visitors, it paints a very good picture of your property listing, allowing for quicker results. FSBO reserves the right to decline listings if in our opinion the provided picture quality is not sufficient for listing on our website.

If you do not have good pictures or can take them yourself, we urge you to consider the use of a photographer to take them for you. We only need a handful of pictures.

People like to know whom they are dealing with. For that reason we would request a face picture of yourself to display together with your contact details for your listing. It is your right to decline such a request, but we urge you to not to, as a face will make your listing look more open, friendly and approachable to interested parties.


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This property is a: *
Address of the Property:
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Sales Asking Price for the Property:
Rental for the Property (per month):
Property Short Description: *
Property Detailed Description: *
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Number of Parking Spaces:
Garage Description:



House Construction:
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Land Holding Type:
Erf Size in Square Meters:



Town Centre:

Minutes to town centre:


Shopping Centre:

Minutes to shopping centre:



Minutes to a hospital:


Police Station:

Minutes to a police station:



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Minutes to a school:


Please choose good quality crisp pictures for your listing. Make sure the pictures are not fuzzy and not too small.

The ideal image size is 1024x768 in JPG format. (You can adjust your picture size with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.)

Some Tips for Your Pictures:

  • For your safety, make sure the pictures do not contain any identifiable features of your security or family.
  • Avoid cluttered or messy backgrounds and surfaces. Neat pictures get more attention.
  • Take note of the light - too dark images will make your listing look sombre, where excess light may lose some details you wish to display.
  • Kitchen, living room and entertainment area pictures get the most attention. Do not forget to attach those.
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General Amenities:
Accessibility Amenities:
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Exterior Amenities:
Interior Amenities:
Security Amenities:


In order to list your new property for sale or lease, kindly make use of the section below. Please also ensure that you agree to the following:

  • Listings on FSBO are available via debit order only. No cash or credit card payments will be accepted.
  • Listings registered via FSBO may not be cancelled within 3 months from initial listing date. After this initial period, a notice of one day may be given in writing in order to cancel your listing, bearing in mind that the cut-off date for debit order cancellations in any given month is the 25th of that month.
  • The first debit order will reflect the portion of the month left from the date of listing to the end of the month. (For example, if you listed on the 15th of the month, the debit order will be 50% of the total for your choice of listing.) Thereafter the normal fee for your particular choice of listing will apply.
  • In the event of a successful sale, the conveyancing will be handled by Jorge Neves at Neves Legal Practitioners, in a fast and cost effective manner.


Choice of Listing: *


Bank Account Details:

Bank: *
Account Holder: *
Account Number: *
Branch Code: *



  1. I confirm that I am the legal property owner and not a real estate agent or leasing agent. I confirm that any interaction resulting from this listing would be directly between owner and buyer or lessee and that no third parties are involved who would potentially claim commissions.
  2. I confirm that that bank account that I have provided is a valid account and that I have complete authority to instruct FSBO to process debit orders against this account.
  3. I understand that the withdrawal(s) as specified above will be debited through the ACB Magnetic Tape System via Bank Windhoek and I understand that my bank statement(s) will reflect the transaction as such.
  4. I undertake that I will settle all relevant bank costs with regard to this transaction.
  5. I understand that this authorization may be cancelled by me/us by giving FSBO one day's written notice before the debit order cut-off date of the 25th of every month.
  6. I understand that I will not be entitled to any refund of fees processed by FSBO once the debit order for any particular month has run.
  7. I understand that this standing order will be renewed monthly until cancelled by myself and that the amount debited from my account may be adjusted by FSBO on an annual basis to compensate for inflation.
  8. I will make sure that there is enough funds available in this bank account on the set date mentioned in point 10 below.
  9. I understand that in the unfortunate event of a rejected transaction, FSBO will automatically present the rejected amounts the following month in addition to amount due for that month. This will then be considered a double debit. In addition FSBO may, in its discretion, debit my account with a service fee not exceeding N$50.00 every time a transaction is rejected.
  10. I understand that in the case of unsuccessful debit orders, FSBO reserves the right to cancel my debit order arrangement and listing.
  11. I hereby authorize Internet Namibia Services CC to debit my bank account on the date selected above every month.


I agee to the above conditions: *


Electronic Signature Agreement:

  • By selecting the ‘submit’ button, you agree that your electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent to your handwritten signature on this debit order instruction.
  • You agree that we don’t have to validate the authorisation you have given with any third party as you have the full legal right to authorise this debit order instruction.
  • You understand that your electronic signature enforces a contractual agreement between you and FSBO.
  • You confirm that you have authorised all persons who may log into your bank member profile on your behalf to authorise this debit order instruction.